Data extraction

Fast and accurate data acquisition services

Data Scraping

What it is?

What is data scraping?

Data Scraping is a service that allows you to extract large amounts of data from the web, which can then be used by companies to increase opportunities and make intelligent business decisions.

Benefit from our services

Use our services to obtain a large amount of data from the web. We create tools for obtaining information from public databases, applications and websites.

What do we offer?

We offer solutions including, in particular, downloading, reading, analyzing and verifying the correctness of a large amount of data. We clean the information obtained in this way, correct any data defects and convert it to a structured form that best suits the needs of our clients.

How can we share the obtained data with our Clients?

data files



Examples of sources from which we can extract data for you

data from public websites and applications

texts contained in scans of documents or in physical paper documents

data from publicly available databases or APIs